Happy New Year for 2017


Well its a new year, as per usual I have no real resolutions nor plans to create any. The lifestyle changes I made last year which could be considered resolutions. They just happen to start with a new year, or a new month in the case of reducing my sugar intake (July-ish)) and increasing my cardiorespiratory fitness (April-ish). 

I’ve been thinking about what I would like to achieve in 2017, and decided that again no resolutions but more some lifestyle changes and objectives. I debated posting or rather sharing them here since its such a cliché to blog about them, and I’m not sure this blog is the place either.

1, Driving

Top of my list is finally sorting a driving license out. For someone who has owned multiple cars, many number plates and actually understands how a combustion engine works, I don’t actually drive. I’m hoping the fact I passed the theory test with a near perfect score of 49/50 on the Multiple Choice and 67/75 on the hazard perception, that it will be easy to learn the practical part. I have never had a single lesson and managed that. 

I’m so confident that I’ve already booked a practical test for less than a month away, and I still haven’t had a single driving lesson. I really should book some lessons, 2017 will be the year I pass. 

Confidence much.

2, Fun

I’ve been that busy sorting everything else out, I appear to have lost track of actually having fun in every sense of the term. I’m not quite sure how I shall interpret this, but I’m going to try work on it. 

I may actually try the whole date thing, so I have someone to Netflix and chill with. The only Netlix and chill I do, it more AmazonTV and chilled Wild Turkey and Ice Cubes. Amazon and Chill…ed Beverage as I call it.

I need to think of more fun things, not sure I remember how to do that. 

3, Health

Early on in the year I expect I’ll be having potentially major shoulder surgery will will knock out a large part of my health plans for the year. Mostly strength wise, certainly upper body work will be wiped out for many many months. During the rehabilitation I’ll be going back to basics, and hopefully correcting my bad form and enhancing my lifts. Over the years I’ve picked up bad habits “just get it up”, rather than maintain solid form. 

This also gives me an opportunity while working on my recovery and rehab unable to lift much, so I’ll be working on increasing my cardiorespiratory health. I’m going to work on hitting the 100km cycle ride this year (2017) as a target. Maybe aim for 100 miles next year, who knows. Keep the small achievable steps for now. Based on my current efforts that’s about 3 and 1/2 hours of riding with some short breaks added. 

4, Photography

I plan on making time in 2017 to actually do photo-shoots that I want to shoot. Its been a long time since I shot something I actually wanted. Around 5 yrs ago, I approached a friend of mine Beckie Armitt about doing a very dark and twisted Harley Quinn photoshoot. This is long before any dreams of suicide squad existed, had to be 2010 maybe 2011 and certainly before Halloween 2016 became Harleyween. It however got side tracked and things went another way, I recently mention it to her and she said “You should have explained more about what a Harley Quinn was” heh. I have loads of similar plans which could be unique. 

I’d also like to get back to shooting some stock images along side, in the fitness, health, and similar niches. I use about 200 pieces of stock a year, about half is free stock the rest paid for. I should be shooting my own again. 

5, Websites

I not too long ago (March) I consolidated all my blogging here into one blog. It still doesn’t feel right posting some things here, that goes for both private stuff and professional stuff. Some times code based posts feel wrong here, other times personal blogs feel out of place, as do rants and such so I’m curating and censoring myself, which can be sucky. I’m going to work on this. 

I am also changing my operating method, currently I have a few dozen website, I plan to cut this down to 2-3 bigger sites.

Bigger sites will take more work for less return in the short term but the long term potential and return is massively improved. 

The Summery

I don’t know what else to say here, were going to post a year summery but so much has been censored and removed from my blogging it will would look out of place. I also didnt’ get a complete year or blogging. I will post a summery next year, and see how my 5 points above pan out. 

A few days ago someone told me I need to message more when they don’t reply as they read messages when they are unable to reply then forget when they are free heheh, so I’m going to try to message people more without feeling stalker-ish or pushy. I figure this should be here too. 

P.S. I left this post without a picture or any pictures as I don’t really want any reading it 😛 

Russia Does The Hunger Games… For Real

Game2: Winter

Game2: Winter

Who doesn’t love a little Live Action Role Play or seeing hotties in CosPlay (Costume Play) Outfits but Russia in true Russian style going whole hog.

A Russian TV Network has launched or planning to launch a real-life version of the Hunger Games. Contestants or rather Tributes will have to live, umm Survive for nine months in Siberia from 1st July 2017 all the way through to 1st April 2017. Siberia isn’t a fun place in winter, with temperatures which routinely drop as low as -40c (-40f) yeah so low the numbers are equal in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

The Game Zone will be 900 hectares in size, with 2000 cameras, its not clear if there will be drones or other mobile cameras. 

Want To Participate?

There will be 20 Males and Female tributes taking part in the “Game2: Winter”, and pay 10 million roubles (£130,000) entrance fee.  

You’ll need to over 18 yrs old, and “Sane”, how on earth they will define sane I don’t know. I’m guessing it will be how one of my mates defines good dating material; 4 legs bad, 2 legs good to go. You’ll get some basic training from some seriously bad motorscooters. Spetznas Operatives, these are the Russian military version of the SAS or Navy Seals only clearly not all there in the head. 

Last Man Standing in Siberia

Last Man Standing

You’ll be allowed up to 100kg of luggage, which includes all the equipment you’re allowed to take. Tent, Knives, Rope, Clothing, everything, must be included in this 100kg. 

You’ll be issued with a satellite phone and capacity to charge said phone, there will be a “Get Me Out Of Here” beacon which you can use when you wanna get out of dodge, or rather Novosibirsk,  Siberia.

Oh yeah… You need to sign a release which says you accept anything can happen, including being maimed, beaten, raped or no longer needing oxygen, ending up brown bread, a bit of right said fred, kinda dead or anything else really.

The organiser and entrepreneur Yevgeny Pyatkovsky is quoted as saying “We will refuse any claim of participants even if they were to be killed or raped. We will have nothing to do with this. This will be spelled out in a document to be signed by the participant before the start of the show”.  

You are also reminded that you are still subject to the rule of law and can be arrested at any time for crimes. The organisers say “You must understand, that the police will come and take you away. We are on the territory of Russia, and obey the laws of the Russian Federation”.

On the upside, you’re not allowed guns or projectile weapons, but knives and melee weapons like baseball bats, machetes and knives are all good. 

Participants are allowed to work in teams, and there can be more than 1 winner.  If you win alone or with someone, the prize fund is 100,000,000 Roubles (£1,300,000) to the solo winner or split between the winners. 

The Hunger Games

Jennifer "Katniss" Lawrence Hunger Games Archer

Jennifer “Katniss” Lawrence Hunger Games Archer

Much like The Hunger Games viewers and sponsors are able to send gifts, resources and tools/food to their favourite participants.

Its not clear if the “Game Makers” will interfere much like in Hunger Games, but given the other similarities I can see there being some surprises and twists. 

On the subject of the Hunger Games, before the whole Fappening event I wasn’t much of a fan of J-Law. However the way she handled the whole nudes becoming public thing, opened my mind. If ever there were a role-model way of handling this and her reason for doing it in the first place, this is it.

If you missed the whole thing, it appears iCloud (and others) were hacked on a astronomical scale, 1,000s of people including 100s of celebrities had photos and videos stolen. All if the images appeared to be taken on their mobile phones, and many of the people appeared to have iPhones, 2+2=?.

Jennifer Lawrence did an interview for Vanity Fair she said had been tempted to write a statement about the fappening, and her exact words were “I started to write an apology, but I don’t have anything to say I’m sorry for. I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years. It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.”. You gotta respect that, and since then I started to actively watch her films. 

Snow Survivor picture by Unsplash.

Arthur Saxon The Iron-Master

Arthur Saxon circ. 1905

Arthur Saxon circ. 1905

Its OFFICIALLY Christmas Day, well as of a few seconds ago its Christmas Day. So I’m posting about one of the men who inspires me to be stronger. 

Much is said of contemporary strongmen like Eddie Hall, Zydrunas Savickas, Brian Shaw, Hafthor Bjornsson and the legends of old such as Mariusz Pudzianowski, Bill Kazmaier and Jon Pall Sigmarsson. Half of those legends I have met through my press photography work and all really nice if not monster sized guys. All the top of the Worlds Strongest Man and Strongman World past, present and future.

However long before any of these men were born and possibly even before their grandparents were born were a man called Arthur Saxon, born 28th April 1878 and died 6th August 1921.

Arthur were known as “The Iron Master”, and along with his brothers were the Saxon Trio, he wrote some of the earliest literature about strongman. On a side note I believe all Arthurs written work is now free of copyright. They can be downloaded freely, but I suggest buying them in hardcopy for a few pounds each.

Development of Physical Power via Amazon.
Textb00k of Weight Lifting via Amazon
Being Strong (Writings of Strongmen of Old) via Amazon

Arthur Saxons Feats

This man were forged of iron and fire, no drugs, no steroids, no growth hormone and no gyms, just absolute strength, raw power, and pure determination… oh and a rather dapper moustache.

This man is reported as tossing 90kg (200lb) dumbbells overhead as if almost juggling with them, like it were an insignificant inflatable toy dumbbell. He could Bent Press (not bench) 168kg / 370lb overhead with a single arm, just to put that last lift into perspective in Worlds Strongest Man 2016, the Jumbo Dumbbell Press is a 115kg circus dumbbell.

Once while supporting over a dozen men and women with his legs (picture below) in Cambridge, the weight of himself at 200lbs, and the men/women along the frame resulted in the stage collapsing underneath the focus weight (think shoe in snow) injuring him quite badly.

With a good sense of humour, Arthur and his brothers used a lead-shot loaded dumbbell for a £250 prize challenge. All you had to do were lift up the dumbbell. The brothers left it on display at the entrance to their show 24/7 and watched as various local bodybuilders and strongmen lifted the weight. At each nights show Arthur lifted the weight with ease above his head numerous times and issued the nightly challenge.

Arthur Saxon Arms Length

Arthur Saxon Arms Length

Various strongmen and bodybuilders sauntered up on stage smirking with dreams of walking away with nearly a years wage in prize money, Yet none could lift it. What they didn’t know is, the Saxon boys had deloaded shot from the dumbbell reducing it to 150lbs during the days and reloaded it up to 300lbs at night which Arthur lifted with ease before they tried..

This is the one which shocked me, in Birmingham, UK he were challenged by Mr. McCann’s who were known for beating Eugen Sandow some years earlier.

McCann has a barbell at Gough Street Gym in Birmingham, weighing 100kg / 222 lbs, and two x 25kg / 56lb square weights (think weight plates). They told him no one had ever lifted even one of them with 1 hand (assumed pinch grip).

Saxon placed the 222lb barbell overhead with his right hand while holding both 56lb / 112lb in his left hand in a arms length rise position liking his arms in an L shape. You can see the arms length hold above with ring-weights (kettlebells), but do it with a pinch grip at 112lb / 50kg with a weight plate is insane.

Worlds Strongest Man

Considering Saxon were born nearly 100 years before Worlds Strongest Man were launched in 1977, I can almost credit Saxon with Worlds Strongest Mans inspiration, in one of his books he near enough describes WSM…

“I have broadminded enough views on this important question, i. e., “What is real strength?” Therefore, if a weight-lifting competition were held, I should like to see quite a number of lifts attempted, as is the method on the Continent, and to see each man go on with the lifting without too many opportunities for rest, so that we should not only ascertain who is possessed of greatest momentary strength but also who is possessed of enduring strength as well, and it is a combination of these two which makes real strength.”

That sounds a lot like the modern Worlds Strongest Man, doesn’t it ?

In my head, if Arthur were in WSM, I see him as being somewhat like hybrid of Jon Pall and Pudzianowski, only shouting “I am the Saxon Dominator”, a true showman and powerhouse.

Arthur Saxon vs Eugen Sandow

Arthur Saxon Bent Press

Arthur Saxon Bent Press

Just before the turn of the 20th century in Sheffield at the Grand Music Hall while performing with his brothers as the Saxon Trio, Arthur were bragging how he could out lift any man alive. This included Eugen Sandow who were the reigning king of strongman in England, and as fate would have it he happened to be in the audience that night.

Sandow came up on stage to put this rumour to rest once and for all, with every intention of showing Arthur up as a liar. The two titans of lifting went toe to toe with the goal of deciding who were the strongest man in the world.

They appeared fairly evenly matched until Sandow were unable to match Saxons bent press (right). He tried many times as the audience and Saxon brothers giggled and jeered, he were just unable to lift the weight over his head.

Sandow like a girlie-man went crying to the courts, and due to a misunderstanding by the judge, Sandow won the claim and were therefore Arthur were unable to claim he were the worlds strongest man. Everyone knows Sandow were a cry baby and thus Saxons record bent press still stands today getting on for a 100 years after his death.

Skipping Leg Day Brah

Saxon were an advocate of Physical Culture as he called it. He believed you had to train everything, and that were the key. He puts down injuries and broken athletes to under-developing all the muscles. Its interesting that critics back in his time used sporting injuries and wear and tear on an athletes body to decry sportsmen.

Saxon Dozen Man Leg Press

Saxon 16 Man Leg Press

I [don’t] consider a man a really strong man if he is in certain parts developed out of proportion to others. If a man has tremendous arms and chest and weak legs then he is only half a strong man.

If he should have strong legs and arms and weak lungs or a weak heart, then again he is by no means entitled to be called a strong man… Some day the inevitable breakdown will occur which will cause carping critics, always ready to attack physical culture, to point to such a broken-down athlete and say, “Here is proof of the harm done by physical culture and weight lifting.”. The cause really is that this man has not properly understood physical culture, and has developed one part at the expense of another.

This is still the case day, how often do you see guys with rounded shoulders from excessive chest work but neglected backs. How about guys with chicken legs and huge shoulders, or even those guys who use straps to lift less half their bodyweight.

Saxon vs Beer and Food

Arthur were nothing less than a beast both inside and outside the strongman world. There are stories of him and brothers cracking open a barrel of lager beer and running back and forth filling their jugs up between lifting sets. More often than not drinking the whole barrel in a single session.

150oz Steak at The Duck Inn

150oz Steak at The Duck Inn

One newspaper reported Saxon in order to impress a girl, he gripped a bottle of beer between his feet, grabbed a 113.4kg / 250lb barbell and lifted it into a bent press. Once in position he reached down with his other hand, and proceeded to drink his beer while holding the barbell above his head perfectly still.

It were also reported he would drink anywhere between 50 and a 100 bottles of a beer on an average night.

You don’t even want to know about his eating.

A typical main meal would be 4.5kg / 10lbs / 160oz of beef / mutton / meat with plates (plural) full of fruit, vegetables, cakes and cream. The picture to the left is of a 150oz steak challenge which The Duck Inn in Redditch, its 10 inches wide, 14 inches long, and 4 inches thick. Its bordering on a doorstep.

A typical breakfast would be 3lbs / 1.3kg of bacon, 2 dozen (24) eggs, 2lb / 1kg of porridge with honey and cream, that’s as well as another meal and 50-100 bottles of beer per day.

Makes Eddie Halls 10,000 kcal diet seem… erm small.

Its reported he trained excessively and extreme intensity 7 days per week. Its hard to believe with all that eating, drinking and intense training he gets time to sleep, but he stresses the importance of sleep too.

Arthur Saxon’s Legacy

Some of the most brutal and fun exercises were created and named by the Iron Master. I actually like a few of his moves. His moves have various names these days but originally they were named after him or by him. Many of these movements you won’t see in your every day gym, infact most people will look at you like your insane when you do these moves.

Saxon Press

This is essentially a 1 handed clean and jerk, Arthur used to do 112.2kg / 247.5lb with apparent ease.

Basically clean a heavy ass dumbbell up into place on your shoulder. You should brace the arm against the body and perhaps rest the elbow against the hip keeping your core and torso tight. Slightly dip your legs, explosively drive your legs up and steady the dumbbell. As the dumbbell reaches head height, dip your legs a little, drive the dumbbell overhead and snap upright to a standing position with the dumbbell overhead. Now gently lower the dumbbell down safely, use both hands if you need to. Safety first to avoid injury.

This builds excellent unilateral explosive and functional strength. Start light and work up.

Saxon Side Bend

Saxon Side Bend by Muscle and Fitness

Saxon Side Bend Photo by Muscle and Fitness

You see people all day long holding a dumbbell at their sides and leaning as if reaching deep in to their pocket and then return only to reach into the other pocket.

The Saxon Side Bend is performed ideally using dumbbells but you can use with barbells, medicine balls, weight plates to help building up. With dumbbells, stand with your feet at shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. Raise the dumbbells overhead, arms slightly bent, palms facing forward and dumbbells as close to touching end to end as comfortable.

Keeping your core, torso and glutes braced with the dumbbells steady, slowly and under control bend or lean to one side as far as is comfortable. Don’t lean forward or backwards and keep your arms in line with your body don’t allow your arms to over lean. Then return to an upright position, repeat 6-8 reps per side.

This takes a blowtorch to your abs, core and obliques, better leaving this towards the end of you work out, and a few times per week. I often superset this with Pallof Press and Pallof Rotations for a killer core and mid-section work out from abs to spine.

The End of the Iron Master

Arthurs demise were a tragedy, after going to war and fighting in World War 1, he suffered from malnutrition, and a whole host of health related problems. This meant no matter how hard he tried to bring back he legendary strength he failed to produce due to those problems.

On 6th August 1921, at 43 years old, Arthur died from pneumonia, leaving only his Legacy behind.

To this day his Bent Press world record of 370lbs still stands, as does his “two hands anyhow” at 448lbs. The legends of his showmanship, humour, charisma and spectacular functional strength live on and continue to inspire many, myself included.

The Saxon Side Bend Photo is taken from Muscle and Fitness, they posted an article on this very move which is worth a read.

Eddie Halls Documentary Now on Netflix

Eddie Hall Body Power 2016

Eddie Hall Body Power 2016

I don’t do Netflix, but I do have NowTV and I’ve watched it maybe twice in the last 5 months. If I didn’t get an amazing deal on vouchers when buying a new TV (pretty much 2 yrs worth of movies, tv, kids and 9 week passes for sports for about £100 a year with 3 boxes. I have Amazon Prime and don’t really watch that other than binge watching the odd series.

I have however watched Eddie Halls Documentary and found it really quite interesting. I will warn you, every other word out of Eddie’s mouth is Fuck or some variation thereof. There are also some strong discussions about drug use too, so be aware of it in the case of your children watching. I know lots of children are fans of Eddie “The Beast” Hall.

Better to review the movie before watching it with you. 

The Bacon Beast

The man also loves bacon, in order to increase his calorie or protein intake he adds bacon to everything. I mean literally everything. Much of his system is reliant on his wife, its nice to see her preparing meals and supporting his quest to the worlds strongest. 

What I liked about this, is a bunch of guys openly talking about steroids and their use, no one denying it. I don’t believe Eddie contributed but others did. Many body builders and the likes deny steroid ab(use), because yeah that bulging abdomen and keg belly is all natural, because body builders and the strongmen of the past had those guts too. Hearing guys opening talk about it, is refreshing. I have spoken to many of these guys none of them directly deny it, they just use “swim” type language. 

SWIM stands for “Someone Who Isn’t Me” and is used on various forums to actively ask theoretical questions where 99/100 times you are talking about yourself. Someone who isn’t me uses X, Y and Z but wondering about taking A as well, do you think SWIM would be ok, stuff like that. 

Netflix and Strongman is the New Chill

If you have Netflix and are interested in Strongman and Strength Sports its well worth watching it. If you have a missus who is into strongman, then I’d say this movie is the successor to Netflix and Chill, its Netflix and Storngman with some chill later in the day. 

There is video footage of his Arnold Schwarzenegger “Classic” deadlift where Arnold is willing him to break the record. There are interviews with almost every name in the strongman world and many of the body building greats.

Its good to see Zydrunas Savickas actually talking, I’ve met the guy half dozen times and generally the language barrier means he says very few words and seems almost overwhelmed. Hard to not like the man, he seems very intelligent and is actually a political force in his home town all while being a gargantuan beast of a man. 

Car Registration vs Number Plate Retention

V778 Retention Document

V778 Retention Document

I have seen this being asked quite often, and there is certainly a fair bit of confusion since it quite recently, well a year ago at time of writing, it all changed.

The million dollar question, I see asked is How Long Can You Keep A Personalised Registration on Retention (V778) or Certificate of Entitlement (V750) without actually assigning it to a vehicle ?

The Short Answer is, You can keep a private number plate on Retention or Entitlement for as long as you like, assuming renewals and such are kept up to date.  

Much like Domain Names, its quite common nowadays for parents, relatives and siblings to buy a domain name or reg plate for their relevant family member for future use. Its then gifted once the person passes their driving test and obtains a car of their own. 

The Fee’s

Until March 2015, the DVLA used to charge you £25 for every year you wanted to keep it on entitlement or retention documents. This all changed going forward from March 2015, when the DVLA issued Retention Document (V778) and Certificate of Entitlement (V750) documents became valid for 10 years. Beyond 10 years there are currently no fee’s to extend or renew. 

There are a few common questions asked around this question too, so threads often get “hi-jacked” from the OP (Original Posters) questions, so a few of them are below. 

My Retention or Entitlement Documents Expired

V750 Certificate of Entitlement

V750 Certificate of Entitlement

Its always best to renew your documents as soon as possible and not let them expire, but life happens. Mistakes happen, reminds get lost in the post, or we simply forget. Officially and again much like Domain Names, you lose the name or registration.

However while domains have a fixed grace period number plates current do not. 

Quite often its reported that an apologetic grovelling letter to the DVLA is often enough for them to update the records. Unlike domain names where there is often a new owner, registration plates don’t move so quickly. 

You will have to pay any back fee’s owed, which is £25 per year, since the certificate expired up until March 2015, when the fee’s were removed.

Renewing Your V750 0r V778

For the V750, you’ll get a reminder letter or email when the certificate of entitlement is about to expire. As soon as you get this document, I suggest doing it as soon as possible.

Create an Online Management Account over the DVA. You can add all your number plates to this one account, and handle renewals, details and nominee information.

You can also complete the V750 and post it with the appropriate fee, if any. 

For the V778, you nee to complete the V778 Certificate, signed by the grantee to the address listed on the document.

It can only be done via post currently.

Lost Retention or Entitlement Documents

This isn’t really a big issue any more, you do however have to write to the DVLA, emails and phone calls aren’t accepted. Simply write to them with a cover letter explaining what happened and what you need to: 

DVA Personalised Registrations
SA99 1DS

It will take upto 4 weeks for the new V750 or V778 to arrive.

Mistakes On Retention or Entitlement Documents

This MUST be done via Post, you can’t correct the name or address on either the V750 or V778 any other way. You need to return the incorrect V750 / V778 with a cover letter explaining what is wrong, and include relevant documents to support any change requested.

Most commonly this is misspellings or married names, it takes around 4 weeks for new documents to arrive. 

That’s All Folks

I think that covers everything you need to know about retention and entitlement docs. 

Clarksons The Grand Tour Knocks Game of Thrones Off The Piracy Throne

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

A while ago it were all over the papers that Game of Thrones were destroying piracy records around the planet, almost like some kind of parady of a greed wedding smashing records.

Today its been revealed a mere 4 episodes into the first season that The Grand Tour has Duped The Iron Islands, The Mother of Dragons, The Lannisters and everyone else, not to The Iron Throne, but to The Piracy Throne.

The Amazon Original “hit” complete with a £160,00,000 budget has been slammed by critics and reporters as tired and more of the same but a bigger budget. The statistics show with 18,000,000 illegal downloads, over the first 3 episodes, which covers a total of 15% of the illegal entire downloads (tracked) in that period, or about £3,000,000 of membership fee’s for Amazon down the pan.

I suspect Amazon will go out of their way to try and convert these pirates with some killer sign up offers. We recently saw them offer a discounted prime membership, now would be a fantastic time to offer existing members the chance to extend and perhaps invite friends and family for a discount.  

I’ve been unable to find official Amazon figures for downloads and watches or however they track them, but Amazon have stated its broken all premier records globally for any other Amazon show. Looks like Clarkson is earning his £10,000,000 pay for the show and proving its a winner.

Top Gear vs The Grand Tour

Top Gear with Chris Evans and Co, premier drew in a little shy of 6,400,000 viewers, then by the 3rd episode, it were down to 2,400,00 and averaged about 2,300,000 for the remaining episodes. 

The Grand Tour with Clarkson, we only have Piracy Figures not actual paying viewings. Premier Episode 7,900,000, 3rd Episode 4,600,000, if the numbers continue to tumble it maybe a similar story. However these are pirate / illegal viewers. Amazon Prime members get free access as part of their prime membership, so my guess is the paying numbers will drop a little but not much as many will series watch like I did as my own time. 

On a side note, what the crocodile hat is that on Hammonds face, as the owner of a beard, I’m offended. 

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