Shoulder Surgery

Some of you who read my health/fitness blog before I moved to blogging here, will know I have quite extensive injuries/damage to both of my shoulders. The consultant doctor who interpreted the last scan (an MRI) used fun words like “Tumorous”, “Cystic”, “Moth Eaten”, “Jagged” and “Arthritic”, lots of fun words like that. The only upside were my rotator cuff has “improved” and is “better”, I couldn’t get him to quantify more than that. Its some times hard to get solid answers, even harder to get the various clinics, consultants, doctors, registrars etc to sing from the same hymn sheet. As a result everything is a little sketchy, and this may not be 100% accurate.

AC Joint Grades I to VI

AC Joint Grade Images courtesy of DurrantOrtho.

The rather informative Durrant Ortho site has a page on AC Joint Injuries which is awesome and where I borrowed the above image. Mine is somewhere between Grade 2 and Grade 3, its hard to visualise from the descriptions and various explanations but it fits. I’m told once the surgeon physically look inside my shoulder they will tell me exactly what damage were and what were fixed/repaired once I’ve come around from surgery.

After a boat load of therapies and various drugs, the last being Triamcinolone injections along with a nerve block (I think), which are injections directly into the shoulder joint and injured areas, which hurts like hell. After that, they finally transferred me from the shoulder specialist to the shoulder trauma clinic. The trauma clinic tell me I have about 4 weeks to make my mind up if I want a rather painful surgery on both shoulders or try more injections.  Since its both of my shoulders which are messed up, they would perform surgery unilaterally about 18 months apart.

Pain and Recovery

Currently the surgery waiting list for a case like mine, is 2-4 months, which lands the surgery Dec-Feb.

The timeline and pain doesn’t sound good at all. When I asked about the pain score, on a scale of 1 to 10, instead they only described it as “horrendous” rather than a score, so I’m guessing that’s about 11 out 10.

They went on to explain they going to cut some of my shoulder blade (scapula) off and my collarbone. I didn’t quite catch what about the collarbone. The also very good ShoulderDoc website, which I borrowed the below image from, gives loads of details about the surgery and what happens. It looks BRUTAL!

ACJ Excision ShoulderDoc

ACJ Excision from ShoulderDoc

They are also going to clean up my shoulder, which I understand would be removing tumours, cysts, ground bone chips, calcium deposits, general clean up and tidy of the shoulder joint.

The “official” word on the various websites inc the Local NHS and Others for recovery and rehabilitation is up to a week in a sling before starting physio, 1-2 weeks before returning to sedentary job, up to 4-6 weeks for a physical work and back to 75% in 3 months. Then up to a 12-18 months for fully healed, slowing improving the whole time.

Unofficial Recovery

The shoulder trauma consultant (I think she were a registrar, but not sure) used various patients to give me examples of healing times and recovery. She were saying its more likely to be near enough double what the official story says. It could be 6+ months before I could return to the gym, and 18+ months before 100%, at which point I’d need to start building again.

Looking at the comments and questions online for example Sports Injury Info makes it look like it could be even worse than that. However the problem is that ACJ Repair, is like saying Car Engine Repair, it could be any of 100 things, all with different healing times. Some have a Rotator Repair (which is a bigger along with Shoulder Girdle), some only the scapula filed, others just a ligament cut, some need extensive stabiliser work, loads of different things. There are also various techniques as well open or keyhole surgery which affect it all too.

Its wildly varied, and inconsistent.

The only consistent thing, seems to be when you cut parts of the bone away, its intensely painful, and a long slow healing process, lucky me. The things I’m dreading the most are (1) the surgery falling during icy/frozen times and me slipping, (2) person hygiene with my right arm essential out of order for months and (3) being out the gym for months.

Images Copyright of DurrantOrtho and ShoulderDoc.

Sugar Tax Hitting the Wrong Spot

Caramel Coffee by Razman CalimanWe’ve all read about the sugar tax being applied to fizzy drinks, which is all well and good. However the tax is bollocks, if they were applying the sugar tax and using the money generated to offset healthier options that would be fine.

Instead the sugar tax just vanishes into the government coffers and is probably spent on more champagne at the government party conference instead.

Action on Sugar

Action on Sugar is a campaign group with the goal of reducing the countries sugar intake, they have a fair bit of pull with both producers and government bodies. They surveyed the most sugar filled drinks, and posted the results here… (and images below).

Are Coca Cola or Fanta the big bad sugar demons or were the sugar highs found elsewhere ?

I wasn’t quite expecting the result to be as it is. Action on Sugar investigated 131 popular hot drinks, and calculated the sugars contained within each of them according to the venue selling them.

The biggest were 99g, which is 3 times the amount contained in a can of coca cola (33g).

The top 20 drinks, with 45% (9) of them being from Starbucks, 40% (8) from Costa Coffee, 10% (2) from KFC and 5% (1) from Cafe Nero, only 1 of them had less than 50g of sugar, and that is only 0.7g less at 49.3g.

Sugar Tax Exempt

There are two bands of tax based on the total sugar contained in the drinks. Medium Sugar at 5 grams and over per 100 millilitres, and High Sugar at over 8 grams per 100 millilitres. The actual rate of taxation is expected to be between 18-24 pence per litre, up to about 50p per standard 2 litre bottle.

The problem is, these hot drinks won’t be subject to the sugar tax, they are exempt.

The biggest were the “Hot Mulled Fruit Venti” from Starbucks, which contains 14.5 grams per 100 millilitres, which is nearly 50% more than Coca Cola at 10g per 100ml, and nearly double the upper sugar tax limit. Yet still Starbucks and Costa Coffee remain exempt from the sugar tax.

A Better Idea


Lazytown – Magnus Scheving

One of my friends says we need to stop tampering with foods so much and return them back to a more natural state.

Magnus Scheving the man behind Lazy Town who is 52 years old, kind of agrees. He uses the example along the lines of you take a fish from the sea and eat it raw its 100% good, steam the fish its 80% good, batter it in breadcrumbs and fry it its 40% good, process the left overs, mash it up, and reform it into fish cakes, roll it in breadcrumbs, deep fry it, and its practically worthless.

The more you process something from its original state the less it becomes worth nutritionally speaking. Given the dude is over 50 and looking damned good, dude may just have a point.

I’m not entirely sure this is what my friend meant, since they were talking about processing foods breaking down natural properties then having to replace said properties and augment tastes with additives but the message is similar. I think my friends idea is an almost an impossible thing to change quickly.

Healthier Options WILL be Taxed

Surely it would be a better idea, if the Tax were calculated, and the supermarkets applied the discount to alternatives. So Diet Coke would be 50p cheaper per bottle and so on. Make it cheaper to eat and drink healthy options. Instead what is likely to happen instead is everything will just increase.

Full Sugar Coca Cola will go up, 50 pence per bottle and SHOCK HORROR, Diet Coke will also increase by the same amount to maintain parity.

How will sugar tax actually help anyone other than making people poorer by taking more tax… perhaps in another 10 yrs, we’ll say we need more tax on sugar drinks and we can increase diets drink another 50p along with healthier drinks?

Below is the results of the investigation by Action on Sugar.

Action on Sugar High Sugar Hot Drinks

Action on Sugar High Sugar Hot Drinks

Action on Sugar High Sugar Hot Drinks

Action on Sugar High Sugar Hot Drinks

Action on Sugar High Sugar Hot Drinks

Action on Sugar High Sugar Hot Drinks

Caramel Coffee image by Razman Caliman, Sugar Charts by Action on Sugar, Lazytown Wallpaper Copyright LazyTown.

Private Number Plates

MR57 EVE Number Plate

MR57 EVE Number Plate (not a real plate)

Like many people who deal in domain names, who also deal in other rarities. The most common of which are Car Registration Plates and Mobile Phone Numbers among various others.

I’m always watching DVLA Auctions for any decent number plates or plates which I like coming up. There maybe 1 or 2 I like in the 21st September to 23rd September auction (Catalogue Here). It made me think about my biggest personal reg plate purchase.

Suitable Cars

I bought the personal number plate which closest matches my surname, which were madness since I didn’t even have a car new enough to hold the plate. In general the rule is, you can’t put a plate on a car which is newer than the date of the car. So you can’t put a 2016 Plate on a 2012 registered vehicle, but you can put a 2012 Plate on a 2016 Registered Vehicle.

The person I took with me, had never been to a DVLA Auction, or even any auction before so they didn’t know the hammer price is a far cry from the price you pay. In this instance the hammer dropped at £4,000, on top of this you have pay VAT, Buyers Premium at 8%+VAT and a £80 DVLA Assignment Fee (about the only thing without VAT).

The break down of the costs looks something, more or less like this…

Hammer Price: £4,000.00
VAT on Hammer: £800.00
Buyers Premium: £384.00
VAT on Premium: £76.80
DVLA Assignment Fee: £80.00

Total Cost: £5240.80

This means the final price is just over 31% extra on the hammer price, so its a hell of a whack on top. When you add hotels, fuel, 2 days of food, drink, etc due to distance the auction were held away from my home, it were closer to £6,000 all in.

DVLA Auctions

New Look Plate

New Look Plate

This is just a standard auction, so I’ve decided to bid online, since there isn’t a plate I 100% want no matter what.

Some of the interesting ones are… I especially like “New 100K”, which as a personal trainer / fitness coach / body transformation expert / make over coach, this plate would be spectacular.

That’s not the plate I’m mostly interested in, but I have listed some of the nice plates due up in this auction… I have also added the perceived alphabetic words too.

Day 1 – 21st September
Lot 353, Plate: 848ES (BABES), Guide Price: £2200
Lot 346, Plate 82ENT (BRENT), Guide Price: £1200
Lot 462, Plate GRO11S (GROWS), Guide Price: £300

Day 2 – 22nd September
Lot 549, Plate: H311 KAT (HELL KAT), Guide Price: £250
Lot 689, Plate: KN16HTS (KNIGHTS), Guide Price: £700
Lot 890, Plate: NEW100K (NEW LOOK), Guide Price: £250

Day 3 – 23rd September
Lot 1099, Plate: RU13BER (RUBBER), Guide Price: £700
Lot 1228, Plate: THE 145T (THE LAST), Guide Price: £250
Lot 1229, Plate: THE 800T (THE BOOT), Guide Price: £250

Awesome Branding Opportunity

Its worth considering a private plate as an awesome branding tool. Can you imagine, you’re a professional, top of your game in Scratch and Dent Removal, so you turn up and your number plate is “RU13 BER” like in an eraser. You “rub out” spots, scratches and dents.

Tata Group Want to Get .TATA ccTLD

Tata - Oasis Sagrado by Tomas Paz

Tata – Oasis Sagrado by Tomas Paz

This is an interesting story, I have heard of companies being bought to acquire domains, cars to get number plates, people hired to consult to obtain twitter handles but this is a little different. Its not the first time a cash injection has “helped” a country or nation to hand control of its ccTLD over to a private entity, nor is it even the first time someones bought a school to get a domain name but its still unique.

Tuvalu .TV ccTLD

I think the first were the tiny island Tuvalu who “leased” the rights for .TV (Country Code TLD) to a Verisign Company (dotTV) in return for a $50,000,000 advanced payment followed by $1,000,000 a year in a 12 yr deal.  Some other sources omit the $50m and suggest its just $1m a year for 12 years. The details are somewhat varied, what is clear is, they gain 10% of their countries total income from .TV domains and its sorely needed. There were lots of discontent from the government of Tuvalu over the deal, more information here. According to Wikipedia, this has been resolved and they are now paid approx $1,000,000 per quarter. Which would account for close to 25% of their GDP.

.BAR cityTLD

.Bar .Rest .Cafe Logos

.Bar .Rest .Cafe Logos

A few years ago a company called Punto 2012 successfully invested $100,000 in a small Montenegreo city in return for said country releasing its hold on the .BAR ccTLD. Which is now available for or domains to be registered like any other.

As of the time of this article there were 6,256 domains in the .BAR registry, with an average sale price of £50/$65 a pop, giving it $407,000 per year in registrations according to NameStat. The $100k is being paid yearly at a rate of $10,000 a pop to fund a school until 2024. I would assume come 2024, this number could either sky rocket or plunge depending on the success of .BAR. Currently I would say its going to increase somewhat perhaps fund multiple schools.  More from Register.BAR here.

Something along these lines were done in 2014, before .BAR. GoDaddy who using the Laos country code extension which is .LA rebranded it as “.LosAngeles” for LA based businesses.

.TATA cTLD and The TATA Group

The .TATA TLD is a little different to the other examples. The Tata Group are a private corp with $108,000,000,000 revenue, yeah 108 BILLION, so very deep pockets. They are not looking to assume control over .tata an then start selling first/second level domain under it like .TV and .BAR have. Instead its going to be I assume much like .BARCLAYS or .BBC used for company emails and websites.

Tata Logo

Tata Logo

Looking at the list of TATA Associated Companies, its extensive even in the UK with Jaguar, Land Rover, Tetleys Tea, Fiat and Daewoo all in the list. dotTATA as far as I know is is Moroccan, and presumably a quite poor area, so I suspect a huge chunk of change shall change hands in exchange for the release of .TATA, perhaps even bigger than .TV  depending how badly Tata Group want it.

What else is interesting is, that TATA apparently produced a letter of release from Morocco in 2014 only for the Moroccan Digital Minster to basically discredit the claim. I get the feeling this will cost them dearly, on the assumption it were not genuine.

Its been suggested that much like Punto 2012, they invest… erm sponsor…erm build and sponsor some (a tonne of) schools in Morocco, and this would certainly open up lots of doorways.

Personally, if it were me and I’d be signing my homes peoples right to own a .town/city I’d want to wrangle as much money as possible. If my people were able to register their names still like in the case of .BAR or .LA, I’d just want a cheaper wholesale rate for residents or something as well as a bung.

I had a google search of Tata, Morocco and its a stunning place, one particular Oasis (pictured above) looks so beautiful. Thomas Paz who’s image I borrowed, has some amazing photos all over Morocco, seems he’s a cyclist. Check them out on Tomas Paz’s Wikiloc page.

It may just set a precedent for all the deep pocketed companies to simply buy it from the poorer countries/cities. If the countries/cities are happy and the deal is renegotiated/tendered from time to time, I guess its all good.


Steak vs Lentils for Protein

Summer lunch with spring vegetables, cherry tomato & steak, macro closeup

Steak *drools*

I’ve been reading Muscle and Fitness Magazine and it had a page about Top 10 Protein Facts. What caught my eye were Fact No. 10, which suggested swapping 170g of Steak for 200g of Lentils.

First up they claimed that 170g of steak contained 48g protein, 18g fat (7g sat fat). I’m not sure what sort of beef steak they are eating but 170g steak usually contains nothing like that unless its 13% fat beef burger meat.

Looking at WeightLossResources, it reports the following for 170g of various cuts of Beefs…

Rump Steak – 213 kCal, 37.4g Protein, 0g Carbs, 7g Fat.
Sirloin Steak – 230 kCal, 40g Protein, 0g Carbs, 7.7g Fat.
Stewing Steak – 207 kCal, 38.4g Protein, 0g Carbs, 6g Fat.
Fillet Steak – 255 kCal, 36g Protein, 0g Carbs, 12.5g Fat.

I’m not quite sure where Muscle and Fitness got its stats. They suggest replacing the 170g burger, I mean steak with 200g Lentils, so lets look at 200g Lentils nutritional data.

Lentils (boiled) – 230 kCal, 18g Protein, 40g Carbs (8g Fibre), 1g Fat.

Calories are equal, but half the protein and a boatload of carbohydrates. I noticed they didn’t mention the carb content in the tip either. I’m not adverse to Lentils but I do watch my carb intake, at least try to and even the 8g of fibre can’t justify this one for me.  I’ll stick to a green beans or fine beans

Green/Fine Beans (steamed) – 61 kCal, 3.5g Protein, 14g Carbs (7g Fibre), 0g Fat.

Covers my fibre hit, fits well with my steak and tasty to boot.

Image by Robert Owen-Wahl

Photoshop Cheat Sheets

I don’t know about all of you, I could never get used to dedicated keyboards, didn’t help much that I switched between Adobe Photoshop (Photo Editor), Macromedia Dreamweaver (Website Editor) and Adobe Premier (Video Editor). I would have needed a armada of keyboards. By dedicated keyboards I mean those almost rainbow coloured keyboards with short cut keys and macros printed on them. When I moved to Alienware Laptops for mobile editing, I stopped even trying to use the dedicated keyboards and used cheat sheets on copyholder clips which were equally mobile.

On a quick side note, The Alienware M18x R1, M18 and M17 laptops have all been fantastic at editing video and photo. If you need a Mobile Editing station, its well worth considering one. The main reason I advocate Dell is for their Warranty and Accidental Damage cover, usually next business day and engineer turns up, so don’t cheap out.

Back on Cheat Sheets, I found various cheat sheets which were hard to read, huge walls of text and some not so. I eventually stumbled on keyboard style layout cheat sheets and saved them. It was way back on CS3 I started this, and this a more up to date kayout for Photoshop CC, but most of them look the same due to Legacy.

Click it to see the full size version and save it.

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

I’m not sure who made the above graphic, its very good though and suits Apple Photoshop and Windows Photoshop. However remember that wall of text style cheat sheet I mentioned. This one seems to be made by Adobe and is very complete. You’ll see what I mean by wall of text when you blow up the lists below. All 4 Walls of Text Shortcuts, click on them and save them.

Photoshop CS2 Shortcuts Part 1

Photoshop CS2 Pt 1

Photoshop CS2 Shortcuts Part 2

Photoshop CS2 Pt 2

Photoshop CS2 Shortcuts Part 3

Photoshop CS2 Pt 3

Photoshop CS2 Shortcuts Part 4

Photoshop CS2 Pt 4





Its worth having a google to see what other cheat sheets there are around, maybe another style will suit you.

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